Learning SEO the right way




unnamedSearch Engine optimization has been around for many years now and even its future is very promising. There has been a few of uproars in the industry about the demise of search engine optimization though, but there’s no reality in it. The reality is that search engine optimizations will be thriving as long as search engines exist. Yes, that’s the real truth.

But when it comes to learning search engine optimization – SEO, there are many options in the industry today. Primarily, there are three ways you learn SEO. First, find an SEO training institute in Delhi or in your locality and go, get trained there. Second, find an online course and learn at your own pace. You will have multiple options to choose from in this case. They are many websites and institutes offering such training programs. But if you ask me, I won’t advise this. I will discuss about it toward the end of the blog.

The third method would be find a company that offers internship programs on search engine optimization and join to learn SEO.

If you compare all these three options, internship is the best way to learn. Next, you can join a course for SEM or SMO training in Delhi or in your locality. Even this option is fine enough. But online training is not something I advise for SEO. It can be an effective way to learn other things, but definitely not search engine optimization.

The reason is obviously the lack of practical experience. It won’t be possible to have practical exposures in online training courses. Hence, you should avoid this in the first place and join either offline training at an institute or should go for an internship program on search engine optimization.




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