What to look for in SEO Training?



Online marketing as course has a comprehensive syllabus. It includes so many things. To name some of them – search engine optimization, pay per click management, social media marketing, affiliate marketing, content marketing, inbound marketing etc. Every single thing I just mentioned is a full course in itself. If an institute claims to teach you everything a short span of time, you have reasons to doubt them. Be informed that getting to learn everything that I mentioned would take no less than six months. Spending a lesser amount of time will not train you completely on these.

Search engine optimization is the first thing you should learn if you wish to make your career in online marketing. Learning it before anything else will make things easier when you get to learn the next thing.

In a SEO training course, you must look for some of things to be sure that you are being job ready and not fooled by the institutes. First thing, make sure you go to enquire about SEO training in Delhi in anywhere in the world, you ask if they offer you practical sessions where you can actually practice what you learned in theory. Yes, it’s very important. Getting to learn simply theory will not land you in a job because you won’t actually be able to do things efficiently. There’s difference in learning and experience when you learn through theory and through practical.

Second most important thing that you must enquire about is – tracking and reporting. No matter what course you take first, search engine optimization, pay per click or simply social media, it’s important to learn how to setup tracking and do the reporting. Many institutes do not train you on this. Hence, make a point to ask for it.


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